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from our washington newsroom. tom, good evening. >> reporter: brian, as recalls go this one is very big and involves a shutdown and raises questions about quality control at toyota. toyota is telling its dealerships nationwide to suspend all sales of eight different models involved in the recall it announced last week for that sticking accelerator pedal until it can find a remedy. you may remember the recall involves 2.3 million vehicles. there is a possibility that certain accelerator pedal mechanisms in rare cases mechanically stick while partially depressed or return slowly to the idle position. here are the models. the 2009 to 2010 rav4, '09 to '10 corolla, 2009 to 2010 matrix and the '05 to '10 avalon. certain 2007-2010 camrys, not all. the highlander, the 2007-2010 tundra and the sequoia. if not listed, the model is not on the recall. it will still be sold. otherwise those models will stop being sold effective immediately. toyota is shutting down five production lines next week until it gets to the bottom of the problem. that tells you how big of a problem this has become. those p
. he just got off a light rail train in mount washington, walking near smith avenue. and now other riders are demanding action. >> the problem, i think, centers on the fact that uh, you haven't got enough, uh, people in authority standing out here. >> sky eye chopper 13 was over the scene just moments after the attack. two juveniles jumped the man, robbed him and ran across the kelly street bridge. >> in this day and age, you have to really look out and protect yourself and protect other americans around you. >> it's just a shame that someone can be hurt while they're just trying to go either to work or to come home. >> reporter: because the crime didn't actually take place on an mta train or at an mta stop, mta police isn't considering it one of their crimes. other riders say that's no excuse and they need to do more. >> i think sometimes we uh, there are simple things that can be done. and there aren't that many light rail stops that can't be manned by someone. >> reporter: now the man attacked was last reported in good condition at that area hospital and police say they hope sec
to you by american service center play for a whistle. 5-1, washington. we saw taveras go down. here is the reason why. >> chere lap shot -- sot ff the left toe. no padding on the top of the skate. down goes taveras. they've already lost hillen. we understand he went to the hospital after getting hit with the slap ?rot alex ovechkin in the first period. >> joe: if you missed it, it was grizzly. this one caroms into the high slot again. backstrom deals it for greenspan to fire. witt. [ whistle ] >> joe: right to dipietro. he'll squeeze. jack hillen the defender. alex ovechkin probably 20 feet at the most in front of him. a rolling puck and it hit hillen apparently in the jaw. almost the lower teeth line. amazingly, the youngster under his own power went to the dressing room, but we have heard reports that he is at hospital now. ovechkin rink wide for green. wraifter that's blocked. moulson floats it down the wing. for trent hunter. wrister deflected by schultz and some 15 rows into the end zone seats. on our toyota league leaderboard, we focus in on alex again. >> craig: look at point
this year. the senate shot down the idea just yesterday. tara mergener , cbs news, washington. >>> you can watch the state of the union address live tonight on channel 9. coverage starts at 9:00 p.m. with the president's speech followed by the republican response and then you can get more reaction on 9 news now at 11:00 and at >>> toyota has halted the sale of eight of its most popular models. the move is aimed at keeping consumers safe from accelerator pedals which can stick and force the car to speed up unintentionally. the affected models are -- this is after a recall involving 5 million vehicles with the same flaw or one in which floor mats caused the accelerator to get stuck. toyota is also halting production of the vehicles in several plants. >> it seems to be an unprecedented decision for a company to stop selling cars in order to adjust a safety issue. >> having a car go out of control at any minute is not a very pleasant idea. >> they'll fix it before they give it to me. >> it is certainly something to take seriously. no question about it. >> reporter: if you own one of
obama's speech tonight on wjz 13. >>> wjz is live in mount washington village now. mike hellgren has developing information. >> reporter: vic, he was thrown to the ground. his wallet was stolen, just to give you a little perspective. that's the light rail station right there. many customers use the actual pathway right there. where you can see it tracks over to the whole foods and starbucks in that shopping center. the victim said he didn't even know what hit him. >> reporter: on this passway, in broad daylight, and just feet from the mount washington light rail, two people attacked a man. that victim who asked that wjz not use his name, spoke exclusively to us recalling the frightening ordeal. >> didn't hear anything or see anything. next thing i knew, i was on the ground. two people had thrown me to the ground, one of them was basically punching me and the other was going through my pockets to get to my wallet. >> reporter: he lives and works in mount washington and has been active in the community for years. >> i kind of struggled up, yelling after them, help. and i stumbled up th
, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good wednesday morning. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you so much for joining us on this early wednesday. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. it is chilly outside. >> we are back to wintertime. the dose of summer whether it is long gone. the approaching storm, is it still approaching? >> the store is still out there. some of the models are saying it might stay further to the south. -- the storm is still out there. the next couple of days will be key to keep watching them to see how they progress. we are in the 20's this morning. 30 in southern maryland. let's look at the maps. plenty of sunshine this morning. partly cloudy. temperatures in the mid 40's. not a bad day. some moisture could move them by friday night. let's say good morning to lisa baden. >> good morning. just got off the phone with metro rail on their supersecret hot line. all trains are operating on all lines from metro rail. as far as interstate travel, it is all good. 95 is good between richmond and baltimore. good on the beltway from the
want to ask about the president -- the games that washington plays and this is just washington and it's -- there is still talking as if the president is not the head of the government, that almost 60% of americans think. i think it's higher than that. it's terribly dysfunctional. mark halperin, at some point isn't there a disconnect between the president that owns washington, d.c., lock, stock, and barrel and the president that talks about, oh, you people in washington, that's just the way that washington -- you -- every day, they do that every day. oh, you silly washington people. you know, the problem is that the people in washington -- you washington people. >> i think that's a problem and i think there are two related problems. another one, they have played the washington game. they made a back room deal with the pharmaceutical industry. been involved with the dirt of the legislative process, and the other problem is, to some extent you have to play the washington game, and to some extent by turning their noses up at it, they've alienated a lot of washington. that may not be attra
health care through. although washington is divided on many issues, it's the economy driving public accident timp. now nbc news/wall street journal poll is breaking down exactl where americans stand. chuck todd has a look at the numbers. >> reporter: with the state of the union looming, president obama faces a very skeptical public. 58% believe the country is off on the wrong track, the highest number since mr. obama took office. it's not just about him, it's about all of official washington. 70% believe the federal government is not working well, compared to just 28% who believe it's healthy and in need of just small reforms. it's a more negative view on government than even during the disputed election. but our responders don't agree on the ability to find solution to the country's most pressing problems. 48% blame republicans in congress. 41% blame democrats in congress. this disapproval has not been lost on the president, who since his massachusetts defeat has been trying to recapture his campaign message of change. >> there are nice people in washington, but it can drive you cr
. >> we can see more snow just in time for the weekend. you're watching "good morning washington." >>> coastal flood advisory until 6:00 p.m. for the district, alexandria, and arlington. the river crested at 5:21 earlier this morning. it crested at about 7 feet, which is a flood stage. minor flooding along the river. this is typical stuff when we get a lot of precipitation. all of the rain and sleet and snow we saw. we will see high tide again around 5:30 p.m. today when the water level will come back up. as for the forecast, 32 degrees outside. when the wind blows, it feels like it is 23. a few degrees warmer tomorrow. a chance of snow friday into saturday with much colder air in place. >> right now we look at newschopper 7. they would give you a live perspective of the client of traffic pets growing. if you're out of fredricksburg to get to spring foe, what you say is traffic moving at a pretty good pace. not bad at route 1 heading up to fort belvoir. 70 is open. 75 south of new market, a tractor-trailer is wedged uer an overpass. weill show you what looks like on 95 in springf
outside. beautiful picture of the washington skyline. washington monument all lit up. 32 degrees out there. we've got changes headed our way. >> oh, yeah. and the mention of snow as well, tom. >> that's right. for tend of the week. it does appear we could have some by friday night. between now and then we'll stay dry. right now temperatures are at or below freezing throughout most of the regi. near freezing in washington and if bay. prince george's county near 30. also near 30 in arlington, fairfax and montgomery counties. cold in the mountain, down into the low 20s there. just near freezing on the eastern shore. over the last six hours t bright, nearly full moon just setting in the western sky. a few clouds over the shenandoah valley and the mountains of west virginia and western maryland. for t rest of the day, we veal a mostly sunny day right around washington. points west might have a few clouds. then tonight down into the 20s again. a southwest early breeze may get us in the -- bringing in much colder weather. by friday morning just near 20 degrees. increasing clouds on friday after a
themselves. >> i'm audrey barnes in southwest washington. where investigators are looking into an accident on the red line this morning that claim the lives of two more metro workers. >> the two workers were on foot doing maintenance and were struck and killed on the track just north of rockville this morning. may were hit by a maintenance crew riding the rails in reverse. >> the community cation between the operations control center and all of the employees involved is one of the critical elements we are going to be including into our investigation. that is something we will be pursuing. >> victims are metro veterans. been with the transit agency since 1998. jeffly gerard since 1990. >> our hards go out to the families of the individuals who passed today. it's a very, very sad day for us all. >> the four workers have been interviewed and drug tested, results are due back in a few days. >> and jeffrey's widow tells 9news now, her husband loved his job and his family and she simply cannot believe he is gone. >> it's just a bad dream and at what point am i going to wake up? >> metro's
>>> the mount washington attack, a man assaulted and robbed minutes after he gets off a light rail train. >> wjz has the latest on the investigation and concerns over safety. >>> hello everyone i'm don scott. >> and i'm jessica kartalija. >> here is what people are talking about today, is the men behind the attack are still on the lose. >> reporter: the victim had just gotten off the light rail and was walking on washington avenue. the suspects had actually fled over the kelly avenue bridge toward north fall. sky eye chopper 13 was over the scene minutes after the brazen attack happened last night. our cameras later captured transit police patrolling the area. city police tell wjz the victim was robbed and assaulted by two juveniles who fled the scene, the mta declining to comment saying this did not happen on his property. but in regular riders are concerned. >> it's usually a pretty safe area. this is why i picked the mount washington area, i'm an implant from the d.c. suburbs. >> it's a shame that somebody can be hurt while they are just trying to go either to work or to go home
into new york, we were in washington. we had lunch over at the white house with the president of the united states. the restrictions, i want to be up front with our viewers, what we can and can't report, but to make a long story short, it was a fascinating opportunity that all of us had to get some insight into what he will do and won't do tonight. it should be no surprise to our viewers, the emphasis is going to be not on health care, but on jobs. >> on jobs, jobs, jobs, and the president will try to make a down payment on fiscal constraits and definite at this time vie ducks. to echo -- this is a tradition, past presidents have done it. it's gracious of the president to share his thoughts and his staff to share his thoughts. the president feels more comfortable in the past. this is the third time in the hall for a joint session, the first one officially the state of the union, and obviously well aware of the significant challenge he faces. the health care reform, but the question is, can they punch it in? and what can they do in this environment post the special election in massachusetts,
are live in washington, d.c. with a preview of what the president will say tonight. good evening, kai. >> reporter: good afternoon, mary. if this speech is about anything here tonight in washington, d.c., it is about the future of the nation. right now, the president is taking a great deal of heat and criticism for the economy, as well as jobs and other issues like healthcare and others to a lesser degree. tonight, we have a preview of that speech and what the president is expected to say. >> president obama will stand before a divided congress and an unhappy nation tonight to deliver his state of the union address. he is going to of to try to convince them that he's fixing the economy. and he'll announce new tax cuts and credits for businesses. >> let's create an environment to get people who are looking for work in this country back to work. >> reporter: the president will announce a salary freeze. and they will announce cutbacks in spending. it's a move aimed at slashing billions from the deficit. but republicans say it's not enough. >> it's 17% of the budget. and it's not the real
journal" poll shows 70% think washington isn't doing enough to regulate wall street. no surprise. they have done nothing since the collapse to claw back money, tax future profits let alone close the loopholes that got us into the mess. meanwhile, an overwhelming 84% think lobbyist have too much influence on capitol hill and in the white house. think of the back room deal obama made with pharma. americans are saying loud and clear the government does not work for us anymore. but do not forget this is america. where anything is, indeed, possible. a country that once had slaves, where women couldn't vote and children worked 16--hour-days. all of that was changed by the people of this country and we can change the way our government is run today by simply invoking our freedoms. our freedom to vote. our freedom to speak. and our freedom to put our money wherever we so choose. barack obama didn't fill mile high stadium nor did he fill grant park on election night or the national mall on inauguration day. americans did. those voters elected barack obama on the promise of change. tonight
january day. so there you go. let's take a look at awsht fat airport, 32 degrees -- washington national airport, 32 degrees. we have clear skies across washington now. i do expect some of those clouds to work their way in here a little bit later on today. but again today, i think we'll go with partlysony skies. mostly sunny i think this morning though. forecast for today, an average january day. winds will be lighter than they were yesterday. 44degrees for your high in town. 46 in fredericksburg. 41 in frederick, maryland. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. stick with us for that. >> let's check in with julie wright and get a look at traffic. >> traveling around the beltway right now, not so bad. we do have the lanes open as you continue to work your way between oxon hill and alexandria down south at the wilson bridge. you will find if you are traveling northbound on 95, you will find lanes are open there as well leaving stafford and conning up past fredericksburg. this is the live shot of the commute head north of lorton and continuing up into that
potomac. this was that great polar orbiting satellite. here we are in washington. a few high clouds. if you look close, there'she potomac. you see the brown. that is the run-off and the sediment coming down the potomac. a few clouds out to our west. we'll be seeing some clouds tomorrow. how about that big -- the potential for a saturday storm. here's a question in line with what may be coming our way for the weekend. how many of washington, d.c.'s ten biggest snowstorms of all time started on a fraiday or a saturday? you'll have the answer and i'll tell you what it means for this upcoming friday and saturday. back to you. >> thanks, bob. >>> virginia state police confirm now that the remains found in a remote farm field do, in fact, belong to missing virginia tech student morgan harrington. the 20-year-old woman disappeared in october after attending a rock concert. a farmer spotted the remains yesterday in a remote part of his property, which is about ten miles from the concert venue. here parents went to charlottesville today to remember their daughter and to thank those that help
of our pollsters put it, the message is "we hate what's going on in washington." chuck todd joins us at the top of the show. >>> plus, i love this story -- watergate. federal marshals have arrested a group of conservative activists in new orleans for allegedly attempting to wiretap the offices of democratic senator mary landrieu. the leader of those arrested, james o'keefe was the same conservative activist who became a right-wing hero for imitating a pimp at various a.c.o.r.n. offices. he together with three others were taken into custody after being caught trying to bug the offices of senator landrieu, a moderate democratic lawmaker. they had represented themselves as telephone repairmen. is this the equivalent of a third rate burglary or the start of something big? >>> also, how vulnerable is senator john mccain to a challenge from the right? former congressman and radio talk show host j.d. hayworth calls mccain a moderate -- that's a bad word by him. and he's going for that seat. he'll be here on "hardball." >>> john mccain isn't the only republican in trouble. will the thunder o
for washington. what will the president say tonight to turn it around? it's january 27th, 2007. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm chuck todd. we'll start at the white house. the president doing thiwhat he often does before a big speech. staying up work to late on it. >> we know this is going to be about 60 minutes long with applause. expected to be heavy on economic themes. all about jobs, jobs, jobs. >> one of the speeches that they drew from was a speech he gave in april of 2009. that speech that was actually widely praised on how he laid out sort of his economic program. and i think that this is almost, by using that speech, it's a tacit acknowledgement that they didn't spend enough time telling the american people their store about the economy. and i think that's what they viewed tonight as an opportunity. >> which brings us to our next topic, health care. we're told it's going to be a strong pitch for health care, but what it won't do is lay out the way forward. why? because they frankly don't know. >> and then there will be the tone of this thing. which probably will get overanalyzed. i thi
recently, of incidents like this in the mount washington neighborhood. reporting live in mount washington, mike hellgren. wjz eyewitness news. >>> and if you think you have any information on the suspects, you're asked to call police. >>> we have breaking news to tell you about right now. a person has been struck outside the post office downtown. captain mike perry with more. mike? >> reporter: yeah, i'm sorry, vic. i could not hear you. we are in front of the post office. north high street at east fayette. this is in front of a parking garage, with a report of a man stuck. under the parking garage. the man has not moved -- or has moved very little since paramedics arrived on the scene. he is going to be transported to a local area hospital. baltimore police have been called. it is not affecting traffic along fayette street because it is actually in front of the parking garage next to the post office. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you very much, captain mike perry. >>> there is justice tonight for two rape victims in baltimore. their attacker will spend decades in prison. >> reporter:
at least the old timey americans. if you remember history and the words of george washington, may i, remember the words of george washington. if men are to be precluded from offering their sentiments on a matter -- in other words, you have to be able to say it. if you are cut out of the system, which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences that can invite the consideration of mankind reason is of no use. the freedom of speech may be taken away and dumb and silence we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. he's only the guy on the bill that's worth very little. george washington. but, as "newsweek" told us, we're all socialists now. and maybe we are. hmm? maybe we're just too dumb, according to "time" magazine to know what we should be for. oh, but they'll tell us. me at hour. now back to glenn beck. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: funny, people are trying to find ways to criticize the documentary "revolutionary holocaust". 4 million people watched it 5:00 p.m. unheard of. give you a new critique. no one in their right mind is going to defend stalin, mao, che. no, no one would eve
's hearing will be at 3:30 p.m. at metro's headquarters in downtown washington at 600 5th street northwest. >>> let's take a look outside. it is chilly out there. 37 degrees is the curre temperature. looks like our spring fling is behind us. >> beautiful sunshine. let's find out what the rest of the day will look like. >> as we got going this morning, it was down into the 20s and we just took several hours to get above freezing. it's only been the last couple of hours we've been above freezing. it has warmed up nicely now to near 40 degrees. here in the district of columbia and in prince george's county. montgomery, fairfax, and arlington county also near 40. farther to the west, in the mid-30s and farther south and east, it's near 30. eastern shore near 30 now. southern virginia, into the carolinas, low 40s. but it is cold out in the mountains. they've had quite a bit of cloudiness this morning. it's only still in the mid-20s there. and over the last six hours, we've had just a few clouds coming through and we might have a few later on today, but overall, quite a bit of sunshine for the r
if it is the president or washington, d.c. and barack obama was not enough to deal with an otherwise broken system. joining us stephen boukadis and greg west. i've only got a second. greg, if there is one thing we can answer your question, my question is where is the beef? if the president was going to show you where the beef is how would he show you the beef? >> he would show me, i work with small and mid size businesses. they need clarity on what is happening with taxes, with health care and they need access to capital. if he could answer the question of so what after his speech that would be a fantastic speech for me. >> and stephen same question. where is the beef? >> sure. well, i would say the beef is sticking to his independence, staying away from the two-party political system. he engaged in partyism. he was independent and we would like to keep him independent and have him attend to our needs. >> gentlemen, enjoy the speech. we know he can give a heck of a speak. we are wondering if he can change washington, d.c. or update this country. i appreciate your time. that does it for us. i'm dyl
washington. not a bad night by january standards. a light breeze. things changing in the big way tomorrow. 30 tonight. partly cloudy. light breeze. beautiful start to the day tomorrow. temperatures climb to 50. man, does its ever get colder around here tomorrow night. it will last all weekend. we'll talk about that and where we see a chance for snow coming up. >>> the world's largest automaker hits the brakes over a faulty gas peddle as toyota halts sales over many popular vehicles. this comes in the wake of problems with accelerator peddles getting stuck. jeff has late word on how maryland dealers have been given the green light to resume selling some cars >> reporter: toyota sales car, trucks, reliability and safety. that's what sold libbey on buying her corolla more than a decade ago. >> it has been a wonderful car. i would certainly hesitate to buy a 2009 or 2010 until i know they have gotten the accelerator fixed and there is no danger of it all of a sudden sticking and putting my life in danger >> reporter: late tuesday toyota put out word to the dealers across the country they should
alaska hasta el verizon center en washington dc, la campaÑa de portaretrato del censo 2010 comenzo, pero es notable la baja participacion de hispanos interesados en el conteo ... jose angel aguirre nos tiene mas informacion ... jalado por perros y en un trineo el director del censo 2010 robert groves llegaba a las primeras comunidades rurales de alaska para promover la campaÑa del censo dandole el banderazo de inicio a las brigadas de promocion del censo 2010 el reto entrevistar a mas de 217 poblaciones donde la crisis inmobiliara a fectado y existen las probabilidades de hacinamiento o de baja poblacion la crisis inmobiliaria ha afectado en los ultimos aÑos el estado de alaska vamos a intentar tratar de encuestar la mayoria de estos hogaresa pesar de que muchos residente no viven permanente en las casas... pero a miles de millas de alaska la campaÑa del censo portaretrato de america busco el deporte del basquetbol en el verizon center del distrito de columbia para promover el cuestionario de las 10 preguntas basicas que deb
first state of the union address tonight on capitol hill. sandra endois live in washington with the latest on what we can expect from tonight's speech. >> reporter: it is a hugely important speech for the president tonight. both regarding policy and politics and the president is expected to lay out details to address both. in his first state of the union speech tonight president obama wants to reconnect with america. >> a lot o americans are concern and frustrating that the pace of progress is not happening fast enough in washington. the president shares that frustration. >> reporter: the president is also expected to talk about the troubled economy and job creation in a big part of the president's speech tonight will be focusing on jobs. the engine of our jobs, as you well know, are small businesses. he'll be discussing what he can do to incentivise small business to invest. >> reporter: he's expected to outline tax relief measures for the middle class. announce a three-year freeze on nondefense discretionary spending and talk up healthcare reform. politically it comes on
of data. >> it really is. anger at washington, the message this white house received out of massachusetts was that look, even in blue massachusetts, there's anger at how washington works. and if you look at our poll, what seems to be one way to interpret the poll is this. the public's not yet blaming barack obama for being part of the washington mess. however, they could start blaming him if he doesn't do what they believe they elected him to do which is to come here and change how this place works. they don't -- they are not confident yet that he's the right set of goals and policies. they have issues with him on the policy front. it doesn't seem he's doing enough. that sort of message. that's one of the things that this white house agrees with the public. they know that perceptionwise, doesn't like like they focus on the issue americans care about, jobs. doesn't look like there has been enough of change. it looks like they played within the system when the public thinks the system is broken. >> kelly o'don't the same message clearly that democrats and republicans are hearing on capitol
was first elected to congress, our family moved to washington and we joined adas israel congregation in washington, d.c. it is the largest conservative synagogue in our nation's capital and one of the oldest. it also has the reputation for outreach to young families in washington, d.c.. we have been members for more than 30 years. rabbi steinlauf cave to adas israel in 2008 to serve as the senior rabbi. he made his mark as a charismatic, dynamic spiritual leader. it's a great pleasure to get to know him and his family. originally from jericho, new york, rabbi steinlauf was ordained in 1998 at the jewish theological seminary in new york. he graduated from princeton in 1991 with honors and also studied in jerusalem and the university of judaism now known as the american jewish university which is located in my district in los angeles. rabbi steinlauf is joined by his wife and his children, his parents, some of his extended family and a proud delegation of adas israel. thank you, rabbi steinlauf, for your inspirational words. the speaker: the chair will entertain up to 15 additional one
dollars cash, when you open an account. >>> i'm john harwood on capitol hill in washington. i've just left an on-the-record briefing with house speaker nancy pelosi a much more optimistic tone to getting to pass the health care bill with certain changes that would ab agreed to. that is a positive sign for the vote count on prospect for president obama's health kay plan. no guarantee that the senate would go along with this strategy but she said this is all doable after we passasm these changes in the affordability other the cadillac tax and the special deal for nebraska, we can get this done in the house of representatives. good sign for president obama and, simon, i'll send it off to you on the floor. >> thank you very much. closing out a market that has rallied today. tonight's speech by president obama, absolutely key for banks and for health care stocks. as we stand at the moment, having rallied through so much of the uzir information today. now down 2% potentially for the month overall. [ closing bell ringing ] >>> you're watching a special edition of the "closing bell" from the world
us now in washington, d.c., with all the details. good evening, hampton. >> good evening. congressional budget office predict as $1.35 trillion deficit this year about 9.2% of gdp, slight improvement from last august with a cbo forecast for $1.4 trillion in deficit. 9.9% of gdp. jobs bill and more war spending could increase this year's deficit. economic outlook foresees a sluggish recovery with unemployment ranchlging 10.1% this year. just 2% gdp growth says the cbo in 2011, unemployment rate hovers around 9.5%. deficit could drop to $890 billion but only if most of the bush tax cuts expire. tomorrow's state of the union address and next week's budget release, president president obama will propose a three-year freeze on domestic budgets. estimated savings about $250 billion over ten years and it will barely dent the deficit. budget director or zack says that it is not the only initiative being looked at. >> this is one component of what we will be doing. full details monday for the rest of the budget. but given the opposition that's already being expressed about spendin
case for turning things around. >>> we are taking a look at the washington monument this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> that was a beautiful shot this morning. a little chilly outside today. >> we'll see if temperatures kind of hold steady for this tme of year. >> you know, i think that the best way to characterize yesterday and today, a very typical day for washington, d.c. in the month f january p we'll see seasonal temperatures. we're seeing them right now. we'll see them later today too. take a look at the regionals out there. currently in washington, it is 32 degrees. so yep, cold start to the day. elsewhere in our community, temperatus are in the 20s. so generally speaking, temperatures range from 25 to 32 degrees this morning. # up in pittsburgh. 31 in new york city. richmond, virginia is at 32 degrees. all right. here also look at the satellite- radar composite. skies are relatively clear right now as you look out towards the west. towards the north, you will see some more cloud cover. some of those clouds will work their way in here during the course
washington does every speech. it becomes a speech of the lifetime. no doubt it's an important speech and it's an important speech because americans have been through a very difficult time and they're looking for a sense of what the future will hold. the president is going to talk about where we've been and where we're going and how we create jobs in this country that pay well, see wages grow, and secure the middle class again after this very difficult period we've been through. >> ifill: the president is expected to call for a three-year spending-- freeze on some domestic spending, and, yet also for an increase in education spending. how do you balance all that out? >> just like any family or business does, gwen. everybody in hard times has to make choices. you have to prioritize. you have to do without the things you can do without in order to pay for the things do you. education has to be a priority for this country because it's so much tied to the quality of life that our young people will live, and also the competitiveness of our country. so we have to make those investments. but we're
in washington until 11 p.m.. next, the tape does not lie. what did candidate obama say about spending freezes? hustling your vote or legitimate change of circumstances? decide in two minutes. jon stewart, we have the video. i never as a woman thought i'd get a heart attack. just, out of the blue at 43. now i'm on an aspirin regimen because it helps me live the life i want to live. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. it's not a big deal to go to your doctor. it is a big deal to have a heart attack. it's not a big deal to go to your doctor. what if you could capture the fresh taste of broccoli in a luscious soup? v8 garden broccoli. from campbell's. velvety, delicious. campbell's v8 soups. also, try new garden vegetable blend. >> greta: president obama wants a spending freeze. what did candidate obama think? >> problem with the spending freeze you are using a hatchet where you need a scalpel. there are some programs that are very important that are under funded. it is important for the president to set a tone that says all of us are gonna contr
to six months. the "washington post" says said that arenas does not want to play for the wizards anymore and asked david stern about the possibility of having the remainder of his $111 million contract voided. stern said the wizards have not contacted the nba about gilbert's contract. a wizards source told me that the possibility of voiding the arenas contract will be an ongoing process and if they decide to go in that direction, it will be very, very complicated. some have said that he's pleaded guilty to a felony already. you should be able to throw his contract out the window. but never before in nba history have a contract been completely voided. i know you remember the spreewell deal when he choked his coach. that's pretty bad. that was voided and then that was overturned. >> has the union involved itself in this dispute? >> not yet. they're taking a wait and see approach and gilbert has asked the union to not try to overturn the suspension. >> okay. good for him. dan, thanks. >>> president barack obama tonight will address congress and the american peepwhile ople delivered his stat
of the viewing area. it is in effect for the potomac river in washington, d.c. due to the rains that we saw particularly upstream and the moon is going to be full on the 30th, i believe. so that is helpinto make those tides a little bit higher as well. let's take a look at the current temperatures around the region. right now, # 2 degrees in d.c. 27 in baltimore. 27 at dulles. ocean city is at 30 degrees. winchester is at 29 degrees. your sat lighted radar composite for the region, we've got a lot of sunshine out there but more clouds will be filtering their way in here during the course of the morning and later on today. so nice bright sunny start to the day. but more clouds later. your forecast for today looked like this. coastal flood warning in effect for the potomac river until 6:00 p.m. a mix of sun and clouds with se about where they should be. a high today of about 44 degrees. now, let's get an update on traffic. for that, we go to julie wright. >> we'll start off talking about the trip in virginia. we are noticing the ride on 66. not only do you slow between the two 24 interchanges
washington, meeting condoleezza rice and other members of the bush administration. by the time he returned, he believed war was justified. on march 17, he gave his authority for war, reporting his conclusion to the cabinet, but there was no cabinet discussion. >> i recall telling the cabinet there is another point of view and this is the conclusion i have reached, and then the discussion on the legality simply stopped. >> what of the media reports that it was pressure from tony blair that forced lord goldsmith to change his mind on the war? >> it was alleged that you were pinned to the wall, who allegedly had performed a pincer movement on you and told you what belair wanted. would you like to comment on that? >> absolutely complete and utter nonsense. >> it was hours of discussion about the wording of the u.n. resolution which lord goldsmith became convinced after the full legal justification for innovation. >>> in nigeria, the senate and cabinet are at loggerheads over the future of the president. he has been out of the country two months, receiving medical treatment and saudi arabia. ca
. no additional information was provided. >> i still think mount washington is a very safe area. >> reporter: now there have been recent problems with mta in recent years, crimes happening on train, but again, since this crime didn't stop on mta property let alone a train, the mta is not classifying it as one of their crimes, back to you. >> thank you very much kai. anyone who has information about this crime is asked to call baltimore city police. >>> investigators are looking into yet another accident. two veteran workers were struck and killed by a maintenance truck while installing safety equipment. eight workers have been killed on the job in the past eight years, making the metro system the deadliest in the nation. those numbers do not include those killed after two trains collided last year. >>> a woman says she was sleeping in her apartment when a man broke in and raped her. and tonight police say that man is still on the lose. wjz is live at city police headquarters, kelly mcpherson explain, police are looking to see if this attack is connected to any others, kelly. >> reporter: as you k
washington, maria rosa lucchini univision" en un inesperado giro, los fabricantes de los populares vehiculos toyota anuncio la suspencio de la venta de varios de sus vehiculos por problemas en los pedales.. claudia uceda nos dice como nos afecta la medida.. toyota detuvo la produccion de 8 de sus mas populares modelos debido a un peligroso defecto que ocasiona que el acelerador se quede pegado.... falla que ha provocado varios accidentes ... entre los vehiculos retirados del mercado estan los modelos camry, corolla, matrix, avalon, highlander, tundra, sequoia, entre otros ... las suspencion de las ventas de estos modelos podria ser un golpe duro a la reputacion de toyota... "si esto sigue asi tendriamos que cambiar de compania , verdad? otra clase de carro..." este vendedor de automoviles usado dice que sera dificil vender los vehiculos "por que la gente dice: 1 ya es usado, no sabe que problema tiene y encima de eso ha habido un recall asi que hace una variacion de, la gente piensa un poco mas en que hacer ..."
to the united nations. >> but then it changed. in mid-february 2003, lord goldsmith and visited washington. in that condoleezza rice and other members of the bush administration. -- he met condoleezza rice. when he returned, he thought war could be justified. march 70, he gave his authority for war. -- march 17, he gave his authority for war. >> i do recall telling cabinet, well, there is another point of view. this is the conclusion i have reached. then the discussion on the legality simply stopped. >> the media reports it was pressure from people close to tony blair that forced lord goldsmith to change his mind and the war. >> it was alleged you had been more or less pended to the wall in the downing street showdown -- pinned to the wall in that the downing street showdown. a pincer movement had been done on you and you were told what blair wanted. you have a comment? >> absolute and complete and utter nonsense. >> hours of discussion about the wording of the un resolution. for goldsmith became convinced of the full legal justification of the invasion. at the iraq inquiry, bbc news. >> i
of the union is tonight. this morning, we will head live to washington, dc, to find vivian hertado with a preview. >> çreporter: good morning, president obama will give his speak. the speak -- speech. the speech will focus on the economy, creating jobs, and getting the house in order. speaking exclusively with diane sawyer he said that means reigning in the $1.35 trillion deficit. >> is will be a slow chipping away. i will propose a series of measures that shows we are serious about it. >> reporter: he wants to impose a pay freeze for appointees and senior white house staff. his budget covers less than one tenth of what the government spends but will save $250 billion over ten years. republican are balking at the proposals. >> it will take a lot more than just this modest freeze to get us back on track. democratic leaders said to the president. >> eight years prior to presidenf obama's one year, we find that republicans spent trillions of dollars on loans that were unpaid for. trillions of dollars in tax cuts that were not paid for. >> reporter: the president is also expected to
an economic recovery. >> his biggest challenge may be convincing a skeptical public that washington is on their said. in today's washington journal poll say 7% say the government is not working. 93% believe that there is too much partisan bickering. -- 70% believe the government is on the wrong track. >> the government will have to continue to offer better solutions. >> to focus on jobs. the president will call on congress to pass a law creating more jobs. just over half the country thinks he spent too little time focusing on the economy. as the president heads to capitol hill this treasury secretary is there today depending of the taxpayer bailout of aig. >> the steps taken were motivated solely by we believed to be in the public interest. >> a critical speech for president obama admitting mistakes in boosting the morale of an angry, jobless america. tracy for nbc news in washington. >> the state of the state address by the governor is once again on the move. initially he wanted to deliver this speech today but moved it to february 4 so would not convict -- complete with the presid
to be standing by the auto maker. paul lester takes us to the washington auto show to see what people have to say. >> toyota's upbeat atmosphere. >> my camry, i drove it 120,000 miles. it just kept going and going and going and that's great. >> potential buyers like ruth weren't discouraged from looking at a toyota highlander. >> it might deter me from buying a 2010 model, but i certainly would have no misgivings about purchasing one in 2011. >> he is in the market for a new camry. >> by the time i would get one, which would be, you know, maybe six months or a year from now, problem will be solved. >> toyota's decision to suspend production on eight models affects four factories here in the united states and one in canada. >> they did the best thing. stop it, correct it, and go back and sell the cars. >> based upon what general motors has done in the past or not done in the past, and not recalling some of their flawed vehicles, i think is a marvelous job. >> what does this mean for toyota? more than 2 million of its cars are affected by the recall. paul lester for 9news now and
tundra around washington. over the past few months, navigating the road has become a scary situation. >> eight months ago it was stock and i thought it was the format. it scared the living daylights out of me. >> according to the auto maker, in rare cases, older and more worn down paddle's can stick when a car is moving. the automobile giant is a instructingealers across the country to put the brakes on the sales of eight new models, including the avalon, tundra, corolla, and cameron -- camry. the vetting 20,000 employees in texas, and canada. as well as kentucky. customers were told that there was a number to call. while he does not believe that the company is at fault, he said that hearing this issue could be linked to accidents causes some concern. >> toyota gave me no solution. i could start taking the metro, but i cannot carry my tools and supplies there. >> toyoda said that if the problem happens while the car is driving, full over to the side of the road and contact your dealership. no word on when the production of the cars will begin again. >> you can find all of the latest
rating has dropped dramatically. tara is in washington with details. good morning. >> good morning. the president is expected to explain and defend his agenda tonight but it could be a tough sell. president obama will use tonight's state of the union to hit the reset button on his agenda focusing on jobs, jobs and more jobs. >> this is not about him. this is about what we have to do going forward for the american people. >> reporter: faced with double digit unemployment and falling approval rating, the president will call on congress to move on a slew of tax cuts for small businesses and propose a major increase in education spending and a series of measures to aid the middle class. >> things like tuition grant for school, expanded child care tax credit, help for people caring for elderly parents. >> reporter: the president will also announce steps to cut back. he'll propose a freeze on most domestic spending for the next three years. congressional approval may be tricky. some liberals say spending is what's needed right now. republicans like the idea of cutting back but some say i
in what's been called the age of terror. from africa in 1998 to new york and washington in 2001 to the skies over detroit in 2009. >> al qaeda and its extremist allies will stop at nothing in their efforts to kill americans. >> reporter: the report card is grim. between 1998 and 2001 al qaeda terrorists struck u.s. and western targets just four times. three countries were hit, 248 people were killed. then came 9/11 and those figures skyrocketed. 144 attacks in eight years by al qaeda or its affiliates. 24 countries hit. all told, including the world trade center, more than 4,300 people killed. al qaeda's main area of operations has expanded beyond afghanistan. it now has substantial bases in yemen, iraq, algeria, somalia, and kenya. home ground terrorism is also on the rise from boston to dallas to new york city. 44 plots have been uncovered in the u.s. since 9/11, 12 of those last year alone. the problem for the u.s. is personifyed in radical recruiters like shake omar bakri muhammed. he's the spiritual leader of an extremist group that's just been banned in the u.k. notorious
morning. i'm harry smith in washington d.c. >> i'm maggie rodriguez in new york. harry, such a crucial speech for the president tonight. >> i know. remember a year ago we were sitting right here overlooking the capitol anticipating the inauguration and talking about the energy in this city. we wonder if this president has in him the ability to readdress the american people tonight and say we want to start over again. we'll find out about the state of the union address in just a little bit. >> but we begin this morning here in new york with that bombshell announcement from the world's number one automaker. toyota has ordered a temporary stop to eight of its models. they won't sell them, they won't even produce them due to safety concerns. susan koeppen is in pittsburgh with all of the details. good morning, susan. >> reporter: good morning, maggie. this is a company that is already reeling from two major recalls involving millions of vehicles including the popular camry. toyota, the world's number one automaker, has been dealing with accelerator problems publicly for months. the first r
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